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Monthly Maintenance is scheduled on the first Saturday of every month. Please click here for the schedule.

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SATS Supplier Code of Conduct
SATS Supplier Terms & Conditions of Quotation
SATS Supplier Conditions for the Purchase of Goods
SATS Supplier Conditions for the Procurement of Services & Works

Supplier Training

For Supplier Training sessions, you may book an appointment with our Customer Care Department through the following link:

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Training sessions are conducted every Mondays and Fridays at 3PM.

Maximum number of attendees per company is 2.

Password Policy
  1. Password length must be at least:
    • 8 characters in length for user accounts
    • 12 characters in length for admin
  2. Password must contain characters from the following four categories:
    • Lowercase characters [a through z]
    • Uppercase characters [A through Z]
    • Numbers [0 through 9]
  3. Password must be changed every 90 days or less
  4. Passwords which have been used for the last 7 changes cannot not be reused
  5. Password retries will be restricted to a maximum of 5 attempted logons, after which the user account will be locked out. Please contact customercare@sesami.com to unlock the account.
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