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Publication of Tenders & Quotations w.e.f. 2nd Apr 2018
CAG will be publishing new tenders & quotations on CAG Corporate Website with effect from 2nd Apr 2018. Suppliers may continue to login to this portal to submit responses for tenders & quotations published prior to 2nd Apr 2018.
Issuance of Purchase Orders
Suppliers who are currently registered with SESAMi will continue to receive Purchase Order (PO) issued by CAG via this portal.
Monthly Maintenance is scheduled on the first Saturday of every month. Please click here for the schedule.
Change in Supplier's Details
Suppliers are advised to inform CAG of any change to the company's details such as name, address, contact number, etc. Kindly email for such changes.
Supplier Training

For Supplier Training sessions, you may book an appointment with our Customer Care Department through the following link:

Training sessions are conducted every Wednesdays at 3PM.

Maximum number of attendees per company is 2.

Individual Booking per attendee is required to confirm the booking.

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